QUESTIONS? CALL US: 98151-67929[email protected]
QUESTIONS? CALL US: 98151-67929[email protected]


We are a prominent manufacturer of Vertical Mill Stands that is renowned for its efficient performance and developed with the help of effective technology.

Vertical stand is usually used for Strip Mill, Flat (Bar) Rolling Mills Etc.

Technical Features

Material                           M.S. Prime Plate, Cast Iron, Graded Cast Iron

Sizes                                 up to 660mm

Housing                          Two open housing connected together With standard Accessories

Chocks                             Steel Chocks with Vertical stand for Tapered Roller Bearing.

Roll Adjustment            Mechanical type by means of Bevel Gears.

Roll Dia                           As Suitable to the Vertical Stand.

Bearing                           Tapered Roller Bearing

Fly Wheel                       Graded Cast Iron with Forged Steel Shaft & Spherical Roller

Reduction Gear Box      Includes Forged Steel Single Helical Gears with all accessory.




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