QUESTIONS? CALL US: 98151-67929[email protected]
QUESTIONS? CALL US: 98151-67929[email protected]


We Can Manufacture and Supply Various type of Continue Mill Stands Like Single Input with Single Stand Output/ Double Stand Output. Continue Mill stand is usually used for TMT Rolling, Round, Square, Angle, Channel, Joist, Flat, Strip Rolling Mills Etc.

Technical Features

Material                       Mild Steel, Cast Iron, Graded Cast Iron

Sizes                             10″ to 26″ (255 mm to 660 mm PCD)

Type                             Close Cap & Open cap

Housing                      Two open housing connected together With standard Accessories

Chocks                         Steel Chocks with each stand for Spherical Roller Bearing.

Roll balance                Mechanical type by means of springs.

Barrel Length             As Suitable to the Mill Stands.

Roll Neck Bearings    Spherical Roller Bearing

Bearing                        Spherical Roller Bearing

Coupling                      Forged Steel

Shaft                            Cardon Shaft

Special Features

Roll gap adjustment manually with screw down mechanism.

Roll axial adjustment on chock lugs by side bolts.

Rest bars, dove tail type bolted to the mill housing having arrangement

For fine adjustments by lifting and lowering.



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