QUESTIONS? CALL US: 98151-67929[email protected]
QUESTIONS? CALL US: 98151-67929[email protected]


We Can Manufacture and Supply Various sizes of horizontal Shearing Machines.

Technical Features

Used For                        Front & End cutting of Semi-finished worm material (along with half length cut Facility)

Body                               M.S. Prime Plate Fabricated

Welding                         Mig Welding used for machine fabrication dully grinded & machined.

Stress Relieve               Body of Machine duly stress relieved

Crank                             EN-Series Forged Steel

Slide                               Forged Steel

Bearings                        Imported Antifriction Roller Bearing

Gears & Pinion            EN-Series Forged steel

FlyWheel                      Graded Cast Iron

Pulley                            Graded Cast Iron

Bush                              Bronze

Blades                           1 Set Fitted in Machine

Operation                     Mechanical



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